A bagful of hope

A bagful of hope

Mama Bonita (Sarah) is a mother of three children living in Kinawataka Slum. When we met her she had a number of issues at home. As with many families in the communities they struggled to earn enough to live on and her husband became short tempered with the family. If Mama tried to intervene in any way he would react violently towards her. She had very low self-esteem, which hindered her from spending time with other people and gave her an overwhelming feeling of hopelessness.

Mama at home with her daughter Brianna and a neighbour’s child

The Revelation Life team started by loving her three children and including them in the Rising Stars sessions. Her children then introduced us to their family and we got to know Mama and Tata. Gradually, through spending time with them and through prayer and encouragement Mama began to open up to us. Last year she became part of the K1 Community Group, called ‘Kisakya Mukama’, or ‘God’s Grace’, which was really exciting. As a member of the group she gradually learnt to overcome her insecurities and is now able to talk confidently with the other women. Not only has she joined the Community Group but she also recently volunteered to be trained as one of our Health Champions in K1. Ultimately, she will be able to identify potential medical emergencies in K1 and help us in teaching basic health and hygiene to her neighbours and the wider community.

Many things have changed in her life, not only has she grown in confidence and joy but even the way that she values and cares for her home has undergone transformation. She has also learnt how to make paper bags, which she then sells to businesses as packaging for foods such as chappati, and Rolex. This has enabled her to earn an income on which she is able to help sustain herself and her family. Tata has also changed. Mama’s willingness and dedication to work has lifted some of the pressure he was under to provide for the family and through the times we have spent with them, advising and encouraging, his perception of his wife and children has changed and he no longer abuses them but values and loves them.

Sarah’s story is such a great testimony and an encouragement to several other mothers in the Community Group who experience many of the challenges that she herself has been through.