A New Step

A New Step

We are writing to let you know some exciting news…

As you will be aware our work is currently growing and expanding in to new communities, cities and nations. It is both a busy and exciting time.

Through this expansion it has become apparent that our current name is a hindrance in our interactions not only with the communities we serve in, but also other Agencies, NGO’s etc… creating barriers that prevent us from being able to nurture relationship and partnerships in the way we want to and to fulfill our vision to see:

‘urban communities that are relationally, physically and spiritually thriving’

So in January we began a review process of our name and have been on a fascinating journey of looking afresh at what we do and why we do it, exploring the idea of finding a new name that not only expresses that well, but that will also translate across different cultures and countries as we continue to grow.

After many months of research and prayer, we have now decided to change our name to ‘ Every Life International’  with a working name of ‘Every Life‘.

If you look at it in line with our strap line they work really well together and one helps to define the other.

  ‘Every life – Strength for Today, Bright Hope for Tomorrow’

Our feeling is that it best expresses who we are, our core values and key messages

  • that we are inclusive
  • that we care about every life regardless of race / religion / gender
  • that every life counts regardless of where you were born
  • that every life is packed full of potential
  • that every life is precious and valuable
  • that every life is seen by the Father

And many more…

Over the next few days / weeks you will begin to see us transitioning to our new name and phasing our old one out. We are also very excited to be launching our brand-new website in the next couple of weeks, which we are sure you will love as much as we do!

Thank you for your on-going love and support as we continue to serve the poor both in Uganda and here in the UK.