A Star for Children

A Star for Children

“My name is Josephine Nabanja, (my neighbours call me Mama Lydia) and I am the mother of five children. We used to live in Mbuya and things were going well for us. I had a business selling plantains and charcoal, my husband was a boda (motorbike taxi) driver and together we had managed to save some money.


When I was pregnant with my fourth child, Naomi, there were many complications with her birth. I had to have an operation and spent a long time in the hospital, which used up a lot of our hard earn savings. It took me a long time to heal from the operation and in the meantime I was unable to work or earn any money. Around the same time my husband was out on his boda, trying to earn money for our family.

“While riding, he was ambushed by robbers who stole his motorbike and left him very badly injured. He spent time in hospital, but became steadily worse and eventually died.”


After all this we could no longer afford to stay in Mbuya, so my grieving children and I moved to Katogo 2 Slum and we have lived here for the past five years. I met the Revelation Life team after I had been here a year and they not only introduced me to Jesus but have been such a source of help and encouragement to me. I joined the K2 Community Group and through that I have had so many trainings and found out about what it means to be a Champion. I have always enjoyed spending time with children, I like their uniqueness and sense of fun and my own kids have been a great comfort to me through many difficulties, so it was very natural for me to become a Children’s Champion”

“My heart goes out to children who are bullied, abused and abandoned, I hate to see them suffer when they are so vulnerable.”


“Training as a Children’s Champion has helped me to understand them so much better, how to manage children, teach them and stand up for their rights. It gives me joy to see children, understood, valued and thriving, from the easiest to the most stubborn, God loves each one! I now want to see more and more children feel safe and loved.”

“They should all know that they are loved.”


Many other mamas in the slums now also want to be Children’s Champions. Please get involved in our ‘Stars in the Slums’ campaign this Christmas and help more people like Josephine reveal God’s heart for children and see change in these young lives.