A Star in Nutrition

A Star in Nutrition

“My name is Nabisubi Sylvia, but most people know me as Mama Henry. I am married to Alex and we have three children named Henry, Christine and Cathy. In 2005 I moved from my home village, Ggaba to Banda Slum to start a new life here. But things weren’t good at all, I felt very depressed and there was no peace and lots of fighting in our home.


By the time I met Revelation Life in 2011, I knew very little and felt overwhelmed by my circumstances, but they were so good to me and helped me a lot. They showed me I could cope in hard situations. I knew Jesus before but was not strong in my faith and did not really understand the Bible. Through them I learned how to be a spiritual leader to my neighbours and began to open up and make new friends. I learnt to read and understand scripture through the Discipleship Program and nowadays I often lead the Bible study group myself.”

“On top of this, God has completely transformed our family and brought joy to our home.”

“Opportunities also came for training sessions and I received certificates in ways of making money, savings groups, and now as a Nutrition Champion and Village Health Team member. I first heard about the Champion programme through my Community Group. They presented the opportunity and asked who wanted to join. I really wanted to be a Champion because I wanted to learn. I didn’t even know which foods to prepare for my own family to keep them healthy.


Malnutrition is a big, big problem in Africa. Many families think that when their children fall sick they are suffering from a fever when at times they are actually suffering from malnutrition. The Champion training has helped me and my family so much, and in turn I want to help the other families in my community. I have learned how to prepare the right types of food, what is in a balanced and healthy diet and I can identify children who are malnourished in the slum because I know the signs and symptoms.

As a Nutrition Champion, I volunteer for my community to see change. I advise Mamas on how to feed their children well and help my neighbours to eat healthily. I also follow up with families that have malnourished children to make sure they are making progress and not getting worse. I really enjoy being a Champion because in helping mamas and their children, I can make such a difference and help save lives because malnutrition can be fatal. I love being a Good Samaritan.”

“I will not stop only in Banda community. I will go beyond. Even in other villages, I can help people wherever I go!”


Please get involved in our ‘Stars in the Slums’ campaign this Christmas and help more people like Sylvia save children’s lives and see change in their own communities.