Our story

In 2009 Simon and Nicola Neal followed God’s call to Uganda. They packed up their home and their family and simply went to serve the poor. Shocked by the pain and suffering that they witnessed in the slums, they longed to see these communities discover God’s love and potential for their lives. They got to know some of the families, started to pray with them and help in simple practical ways. That was the start of Revelation Life.

Since then, the NGO has grown. The team has increased and new bases have opened worldwide… we even grew into a new name: Every Life, which we feel, completely expresses our heart for people. Today our team is made up of many passionate and committed people working in some of the most disadvantaged communities in Uganda, Kenya and the UK. With a motivation to share the love of God and working through discipleship in every area of life, we are seeking to empower communities to discover their potential in Jesus and to see people released in their gifts and callings, enabling them to become their own makers of change.


Meet the team

Meet the team


Story & Vision,

We believe that every life is born with God-given potential, God-given gifts, skills and callings. We like to call it ‘Gold’. But sometimes that Gold, that potential, gets buried under the dirt of life, circumstances, poverty and pain. We see our job as walking alongside people in their day to day life and helping bring that Gold to light. Relationships are important to us. It’s always where we start. We listen first, empowering individuals, families and then whole communities to dream and then work together for transformation. We look for clever, sustainable solutions, with people at the centre and our work is always upheld by prayer and worship.


Where your money goes

Being good stewards of supporter’s donations is incredibly important to us and as a result, the majority of your money is spent directly on charitable activities at our mission bases. As part of our commitment to support and empower people and communities, a large part of our costs are spent on paying a fair wage to local staff. This leaves them free to give their time and love to those who need it most. We step in with emergency assistance and infrastructure (such as water and sanitation) when necessary. We do, however, limit our aid support to extreme circumstances and primarily focus on long-term investment in people, ensuring that our help is not a quick fix and steering away from over-dependence. In the UK our team is mostly made up of volunteers who work tirelessly to ensure that others on the ground have the funds, support and access to the resources that they need.


The work of Every Life relies entirely on gifts, grants and donations to finance all of our ongoing projects around the world. In addition, almost half of our staff are volunteers. Without dedicated and generous supporters we would not be able to carry on. Thank you for helping us to continue bringing hope to people’s lives.

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