Could this be a chance,
for a different sort of Christmas?

Help us reach more people
with the basics this year…

As we celebrate God’s great love for us in sending his son, we want to follow in his footsteps and share his love… and love always looks like something. Whether it looks like sharing the gospel and establishing small house churches, or support through malnutrition, business grants and sanitation training,
we know that God’s love can transform communities!


“When the Every Life team first found me, my situation was bad; my husband had left me and I had to care for my eight children on my own. My one-room mud house was in danger of collapse and we had no hope of finding anywhere better. I tried everything I could to fix it, but nothing I did made much of a difference. One day, some of the Every Life team were passing through. They saw me working on the house and stopped to help me. They told me it was beyond fixing but through a builder’s training group they were running they helped me rebuild a stronger house in its place. It was such a relief to finally be in a home where I didn’t feel anxious for my family’s safety.

Around this time my son Edward also fell ill. The Every Life team helped me take him to hospital and he got the treatment he needed. On top of that, they gave me food for him to help his recovery and checked in on us every week. My son Edward should have died, but he survived because Jesus brought rescue when we most needed it. Our house was in the bottom of a valley and we would often be affected by damp and flooding. I regularly woke up in the mornings to see worms and snails in the bed and one night the flooding was so bad that the water came as high as the top of the chairs. I felt exhausted, hopeless and didn’t know how to carry on. One day I felt so desperate that I just left and went to my parent’s home. Only when they reminded me of my responsibilities and told me of the risks my children would be facing did I see the need to return. I went reluctantly but as I neared the house, I felt a new strength in me. I knew it was Jesus.

The Every Life team often visited at this time to pray with and encourage me. They also helped me meet other women in my community who understood my struggles and who stood alongside me, supported me and led me closer to Jesus. I became stronger. Thanks to God’s kindness I found more regular work and was able to save money as well as just provide. Eventually we had enough money to leave the house that flooded and find a place of our own!

In everything we’ve been through, Jesus has been constantly building me up in hope and confidence in any situation.

It’s a miracle that none of us lost our lives during those times and we have so many testimonies to his kindness and faithfulness. He always comforts my heart and gives me hope. I thank God for the life He has given me. I know that if God hadn’t sent my Every Life friends to me, I would never have got this far. My children used to sleep with the worms, but now we have a different life and a hope for our future.”