Coronavirus testimonies – food aid

Coronavirus testimonies – food aid

The last few months have been tough on the slums of Kampala. With a strict lockdown many families were left without any way to make an income. For families already living hand to mouth the choice between increased spread of Coronavirus and potential starvation is bleak.

Our team have been on hand distributing food to those at the highest risk. Thanks to the support of our generous donors we have been able to feed up to 50 families per week for the last 3 months. Without this intervention the situation would have been very different.

Although it has been tough there have been stories of joy in the midst of it all. Here are just a few of the thank you’s and stories we have been sent…

“We have seen love in action with the provision of this food” – Emily and her family were unable to afford one meal a day before we gave them food.

“Thank you for your support. I thought I was dreaming when it came, as I was about to be kicked out of my house during lockdown. Not being able to sell maize or anything – my debts had increased as I borrowed money to buy food for my children and grandchildren. This is a blessing that fills my heart. May the Lord bless you 100 times, I’m so overjoyed.” – Esther

“Thank you for coming into our community, for reaching out to us, especially my family. You have done so much for us and been there for us in every situation. In sadness, sickness and in joyful moments you have been there uniting us. We are so grateful.” – Jaja Moses

Many families have also been using their Every Life training in making charcoal briquettes to save some money. Cheap foods in Uganda all need cooking but if you can’t afford food how can you afford the fuel? Making charcoal briquettes with waste materials has not only saved families money but some have been able to sell these on to earn a little money.

Thank you to all of our supporters for the difference you have made so far. It’s a long journey ahead but ‘we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him’ (Romans 8:28) and we trust that He is faithful to do so today.