Fuel for thought

Fuel for thought

Mama Nabukela is the Treasurer to the Katoogo Community Group and is a real driver of change for her family and the community. It seems to run in the family as her granddaughter Dora, who she and her husband care for, is also full of enthusiasm and energy at our Rising Stars sessions each week!

Mama Nabukela with some of her finished charcoal briquettes

A little while ago our Community Development team ran a training teaching people how to make charcoal briquettes using left-over charcoal powder from the bottom of charcoal sacks, cassava flour and recycled paper. The briquettes are made by filling a container with waste paper and then soaking it in water for five days. The mixture is stirred into a porridge consistency and then charcoal dust is added to the ratio of 70% charcoal dust to 30% soggy paper. It is mixed together thoroughly with a little cassava added for ‘sticking power’ and moulded into balls a handful at a time, then left to dry in the sun for a day. The beauty of these briquettes is that not only do they use waste products, they are cheaper than charcoal, easier to produce and once a stove is started they burn for longer than regular charcoal.

Laying out the balls in the sun to dry and preparing a cooking stove with the briquettes

Mama attended this training and has been utilising her new-found skills ever since. Making a batch once a week for the last five months, she has been using the money she makes from the briquettes to invest in her other businesses selling shoes and knitting. She is determined that through these enterprises and her husband’s income from building work, she will not only provide enough for her family but even save enough money to move out of Katoogo Slum.

Please pray for Mama Nabukela, and others like her, that they are successful in improving the well-being of their families.

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Mama explaining her product to local dignitaries at our recent Dream Centre opening event