Heavens Angels – a miracle in the slums

Sharing stories and testimonies of God’s provision and faithfulness for us as a team can really encourage the men, women and children we work with each day in the slums. However, when we hear a testimony of God’s provision from one of those families, it can be more powerful and carry even more weight…

To me, Tata Favour (Favour’s Dad) is one of the most inspiring men I have ever met. One of his daughters suffers with Cerebral Palsy (a condition which, in Uganda, would result in most men leaving the mother) and for many years he worked in a difficult job with ever diminishing wages and benefits.

Through a combination of strict saving, hard work and heavenly provision, Tata eventually saved enough money to rent a small local shop unit close to the family home for Mama to run. A few months later he then had enough money saved to buy himself a motorbike taxi ‘boda’ (an impressive feat as a new bike costs over £700). By owning his own bike Tata was finally able to provide a healthy income for his family and, equally importantly, spend more time helping his wife to raise their five children.

Photo courtesy of the "own your own boda" initiative, helping men in Uganda support their own families.
Photo courtesy of the ‘own your own boda’ initiative.

This in itself is a great testimony of faith, hard work and provision; but in this instance it is simply the tip of the iceberg. One evening Tata picked up a passenger who directed him down a country road before covering his mouth with chloroform, stealing the bike and leaving him in the gutter. A passer-by found him and called the Police, who took him to hospital where he remained in a coma for three days.

When he first bought the bike, he went to his local church to give thanks to God for it, and declared that the bike belonged to Him. So, when he returned home and some of his friends suggested he should go to the witch doctors to trace the motorbike he refused and trusted that God would return it to him. He even refused to report it to the Police, again choosing to trust in God and bless the thief.

A few months later Tata had began to give up hope in finding his boda when, out of the blue, his phone rang. He immediately recognized the voice as the man who had stolen the bike. The thief asked whether Tata remembered his bike, and if he remembered the license plate. He would have not remembered it had it not been for his son Ralph, who had told his Mama what the number was, and to write it down just a few days before. The thief told him that he could pick the bike up the next day at a Police station over one hundred miles away.

Tata was naturally apprehensive to go to the meeting point and so decided to inform the Police of the situation. The cost of filing a report and transport to where he had been told to meet was a lot, but fortunately someone had recently provided him with a large sum of money, saying God had instructed them to give it to him.

Miraculously, everything went well the following day. Tata travelled to the police station where the bike was, with the one remaining proof of ownership he had. And he was allowed to ride the bike home!

Theft rates are high in Uganda, but thieves returning their bounty is simply unheard of! For us, it was incredible to hear first-hand how God answers the prayers of families in the slum communities. This testimony has encouraged many other families in the community, our own team members and hopefully now you have also been encouraged!


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