Kinawataka, Uganda

“My name is Achipa Katie. My husband, Okyo Sam and I have three children, Monica is nine, Pakada is seven and Rachel is two. We moved to Kinawataka Slum from Mbuya seven years ago when Sam had a house built here. When I lived in Mbuya I didn’t have any friends and wasn’t known in the community. When we came here, I immediately felt more welcomed and life has been better.

I met Every Life over three years ago, when I joined a discipleship group. Then I heard about the Community Champion programme at the K1 Life Group where they gave the example of Nalongo, a lady who was already a Village Health Team member in our community. I was really inspired by her work and wanted to make a difference like she was.

I didn’t receive any education growing up and so I was excited to learn! Through the Champion training I learned so much, which has already helped my own family a great deal. I didn’t know how to wash my hands to kill germs effectively and didn’t know why it was bad to cook inside my home. Even these simple skills have helped me to see an improvement in my family’s health. Before I became a Health Champion, when my children were sick I would have to go and find help, spend money and ask others what to do. Now I can assess children and make an educated decision on what to do. I don’t worry anymore because I am confident in my knowledge.

As a Health Champion I really enjoy encouraging other people and moving around my community to check on those who are sick. People respect me, listen to me and take my advice seriously. I feel able to make a difference with the new skills that I have, I can train other people now and have a voice in my community. I now no longer think badly about myself as I used to because of not going to school, but am confident in what I know.

I want to have a real impact on my community and help people not to fall sick. I want to see better hygiene, more development and to see good relationships grow.”