We have been in Rwanda since January 2018, exploring some of the districts in and around the capital of Kigali. Since the genocide against the Tutsi people in 1994, Rwandan leaders have worked hard to develop the country and see healing and change.

However, many people still live below the poverty line, with children disproportionately affected. Many children don’t have the opportunity to go to school and single mothers particularly find it a challenge to provide for themselves and their families. We have started to visit some of the most poverty-stricken areas, getting to know local leaders and others who seek to bring the love of Jesus, through building relationship and community.

Moving forward

We have a heart to see restoration in the lives of the most vulnerable in the local area; single mothers, sex workers and children with disabilities. Our team have begun connecting with families in the area as well as other organisations while praying into how God wants this work to unfold.

We are currently going through the registration process and looking into the best ways to empower families to step into who God intended them to be. We look forward to being able to start Life Groups for both adults and children; bringing education, support and restoration of relationships as we continue to explore God’s purposes for both the city and the nation.

Vision for the future

How can we break through isolation, loneliness, depression, sickness, self-absorption, fear, hatred, pain and despair…? By carrying the Kingdom of God into those dark places and letting His light and truth chase away the shadows.

Strength for today, bright hope for tomorrow