Mama Colin

Mama Colin

We met Mama Colin in Banda when she applied to join our Family Centre programme. She was living with four of her children in a tiny house which was cramped and dirty. She had been through a string of abusive and controlling relationships. She was not coping well with life, had lost all hope and was desperate for change. We felt the programme could give her the opportunity to bring the change to her life she so desperately needed and invited her to take part.  From the first week she embraced every opportunity. She worked hard, threw herself into the practical work and trainings, engaged with the counselling and social advice  and dealt with emotional challenges in an amazing way.

Maintaining the maize crop at the Family Centre.
Learning to mix re-hydration salts.

She had two additional children living with other relatives and she decided through the programme to bring her family back together. At the end of the eight months, she told us that she had learnt how to forgive, how to truly love her children instead of taking her anger out on them and how to have a better life with Jesus at the centre. “In my time here, I have learnt that it’s better to deal with your past and the difficult situations in your life and not transfer the anger you might have felt onto your children.”

All the families at their programme graduation

She has now resettled with all her children and thanks to some training on the programme is building up her own business making backpacks whilst also growing her own crops. It has been such a privilege to see the family re-united and strengthened through their time with us at the Family Centre. We are excited to see them go on shining brighter together!

It’s not too late to be part of our ‘Families Shine Brighter Together’ campaign this Christmas and see families like Mama Colin’s re-united and flourishing.

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