Mama & Tata Bruno

We have known Mama Bruno for many years. We first met her when she was living with her children in Kinawataka slum in a small one room house made of mud. Her husband and the father of her children was absent and uncommitted. She had become used to a life of extreme poverty where each day was simply a fight for survival. When I met Mama she was consumed with sadness and hopelessness. She asked for prayer that she might become a better mother and that God would provide food for her children that day. I travelled home with a heavy heart, not even knowing how to start praying for her or believing for change in her family.

Five years later and the transformation is astonishing. Mama is now full of hope and joy which she passes on to anyone who meets her. Tata is committed to his family and is united with his wife. Together they are beginning to dream for their future and they are starting to see these dreams become a reality!

Mama and Tata at the Family Centre with their children, Brian, Bridget, Brenda, Whitney and Bruno

In September of this year Mama and Tata moved together with their children to our Family Centre to start a journey of restoration and transformation through a five-month programme of training in farming and business, teaching on social issues and personal mentoring and counselling. In the few months since they arrived they have been a constant source of encouragement for us and the other families. Mama and Tata have started making decisions together, they are really supporting each other well and Tata is now comfortable showing love to his children or helping Mama in the daily chores. This is an extraordinary transformation as we so rarely see such a united marriage in the slums. Mama’s house in Kinawatuka used to be extremely dirty and cluttered, she didn’t have the energy or motivation to do anything more than the basic necessities each day. Now Mama is up early every morning cleaning her house! She takes pride in her home and has gained the ability to see beyond her difficulties and is able to move forward.

Tata with their youngest daughter Whitney

Both Mama and Tata have a newfound passion for seeing growth, change and love in their family and are working hard to see these things become a reality. They have found a place of peace where they have the freedom to really dream! Since arriving at the Family Centre, both have realised that they have a love for farming. They recently told us that their dream for the future is to run their own farm and make a business through selling crops and produce. When they leave the Family Centre they do not want to go back to the slum but instead want to build their own house on a plot of land and begin the ‘farm dream’.

Mama and Tata with three other Mamas at the Family Centre, preparing the ground for planting maize.

At the centre we are helping them and other families take the first steps through teaching the skills needed to successfully run a farm and giving them the space to deal with the everyday issues that are so all consuming in slum life.

We are so encouraged by this family. They are a model for so many and we are excited for all that God has planned for them in the future!

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