Time well spent

We know that love transforms lives. Could you join us this Christmas and invest in your own community wherever you are?

Over the years, we have seen that there is so much significance in simply listening to people, loving them and giving them our time and attention with no agenda. Relationship is built over time and we hope, in the process; trust, dignity and hope for the future. It’s through love that people want to know what motivates us and we can happily answer by telling them about Jesus. It’s not a quick fix but rather a long-term investment – that is the nature of friendship. At Every Life we call the time we spend with people face to face, ‘Frontline’. It may not always look productive but these are people, not projects and we think every moment is well spent…

REad this story if you don’t believe us!

At Every Life we believe in the power of community.

Let's not mince words

Not everyone sees Christmas as a time of hope, joy and peace. So we are inviting you to join us on the Frontline this Christmas and connect with your own community. Would you consider hosting a Christmas get-together for some mince pies (and maybe even some mulled wine!) in aid of Every Life? Why not bring some joy to your own neighbourhood and bless others around the world simultaneously? Any donations taken on the day would go towards Every Life’s vision to see Jesus-centered communities among the poor and marginalised. Maybe you have a community that you would love to to celebrate Christmas with. Or maybe you want to make the most of the season’s goodwill and reach out to your neighbours, your football team, your fitness class, your toddlers group? Who knows what this could be the start of…

It only has to be simple and we will give you all the help we can. There is a useful guide right here, which you can download to give you ideas, tips and some great printable invitations and other media for your event.

download our CHRISTMAS PARTY pack


Treasure unearthed

Every life has God-given potential. It’s like gold, waiting to be revealed. Often it gets covered in the dust and dirt of life but we believe that God’s love has the power to unearth that potential in each and every person. There is nothing we like better than to see it shine in people, reflecting the glory of the one who put it there. That is why we work with the same goal wherever we go and whatever we do, whether it’s in Uganda, Kenya or the UK. We want to see potential released and as a result, life-filled neighbourhoods which reveal God’s heart.

so go out in love this Christmas and help people shine.






Strength for today, bright hope for tomorrow