Nakusinzanga Mukama

After receiving a significant amount of interest, we are re-sharing our music video “Nakusinzanga Mukama”.
We hope you find it of some encouragement. The words translate as follows:
“I’ll always praise you Lord my God,
I’ll always praise you Lord my God,
for you’re so gracious to me,
for your abundant love for me,
for your mighty works, I choose to worship you and to glorify your name.”
There is such truth and strength in these simple words, especially for so many walking through difficult and at times heart-breaking situations each day.

The second song in the video is called “Atalemwa Yesu”, which translates as “He never fails, Jesus”. We regularly sing this song in worship as part of our morning devotionals. If you would like to see more of what we do in the slums around Kampala, follow the link below.

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