One life at a time

One life at a time

Goretti lives in Kinawataka slum in Kampala. She is a regular at both the Life Group and Discipleship Group that Every Life set up in that community. It has been a joy to walk life with her the last few years and to see the positive change in her and her family. We asked her to tell us a bit about herself and her experience in the Every Life groups.

“My name is Mukyala Goretti, people call me Mama Ryan and I’m 24 years old. My husband is called Moses and we have one child called Ryan. We also had a daughter but sadly she passed away. I am a stay-at-home mother who has lived in Kinawataka for many years. While at home I spend any extra time I have making woven mats which I sell where I can.

I’ve gained a lot through being part of the Life Group. I have made many friends and learnt to budget, save and plan with my money. Before joining the group I used to spend too much on non-essentials. Thanks to the last three years of saving I have been able to construct a small house, which I rent out and gain monthly income from.

Goletti in front of her rental house

The Discipleship Group is very important to me and I have learnt so much through it. I used to be very short-tempered, which would lead to quarrels with many people, especially my husband. But since joining the Discipleship Group and learning more of Jesus’ love for me, I have learnt to forgive those who wrong me and through this I have found peace in my heart. Now, I rarely get into arguments and I always seek to resolve issues amicably. My husband, who is a Muslim, has noticed this and it has had a great impression on him. If I’m troubled or confused about anything I lean on God, pray, trust and praise him. In this way I’ve seen many situations turned around. God has brought me this far so I give glory to him!

In five years time we hope to have a plot of land of our own outside Kampala and I believe that with God’s help and through the encouragement of the groups, I will be able to fulfill my dream. I am so thankful to God for being part of Every Life.”

We just love to see the tangible reality of what Jesus can do in the lives of people we meet on a day to day basis. The breaking in of God’s kingdom is not exclusive to disadvantaged areas though or to those in full-time ministry. Who needs your encouragement or support today? What does love look like to them?