Christmas started with a family…

All our work is focused around love, relationship and seeing communities united and given hope. Families are the foundation of community; everything starts with family.

Together at Christmas

Our experience is that¬†families shine brighter together¬†and can work as one, to be a powerful force for good in their communities. In Uganda we work with all ages, in the slums around Kampala, focusing on love and relationship and enabling people to see the God-given potential and value in themselves and others. Whether it’s through counselling, training, prayer, encouragement; or giving time and space to re-evaluate, we want to see families united, given the opportunity to thrive and bring hope to their neighbours.

What we have seen changing lives in Kampala can be just as effective elsewhere. Having recently opened missions bases in London, UK and Kisumu, Kenya we are working to see the same heart and vision flow into those communities as well.

This Christmas, help us enable parents and encourage children, because every life is precious and Families shine brighter together! After all, Christmas started with a family.

If you or your church would be interested in fundraising for our Christmas Campaign, please do get in touch. We have resources available to help you do that.


Families shine brighter together,

Ronnie and his family have been through many hardships. Coming from a tough childhood, he grew up without much hope and uncertain of how to care for a family. As his own grew, he found the increasing pressure on him to provide for them too much to bear…

But now they are united and shining brighter together.



Families shine brighter together,

Mariam’s story is much like many others you might hear from mothers in the slum communities. A constant struggle to make ends meet day-to-day; with a sick child and an absent husband. But now she has not only found hope for her family but also for the lives of her neighbours and those around her…

She is helping families shine brighter together in her community.



If all our work is focused around love and relationship, where else can this best be represented than in family; both natural and spiritual? All too often, families are places of brokenness, disappointment and rejection. But they also have the incredible potential to be places of growth, support, encouragement, love at all costs and new life. God is all about family; he created it, made it the building block of humanity and has always intended that we should become part of his very own. We love to see community united, and families are the foundation of community.

Treasure within

At Every Life we believe that everyone has God-given potential. It’s like gold, waiting to be revealed. We like nothing better than to see it shine in people, reflecting the glory of the one who put it there. That is why we work with the same goal wherever we go and whatever we do, whether it’s in Uganda, Kenya or the UK. We want to see potential released and as a result, life-filled neighbourhoods which reveal God’s heart.