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Unearthing gold

Two of our Frontline team found Mama Jotham very depressed and hopeless. Her son Jotham has cerebral palsy and she didn’t have the means to take proper care of him. She had been marginalised by the community and told our team that life felt so dark and oppressive. They offered to pray with her and Mama burst into tears and agreed. Afterwards she asked if they would be willing to come and check on her each week and pray some more.

The next time they visited, Mama Jotham opened up further. She told them how she had been made to feel embarrassed and ashamed by neighbours and the wider community over her son’s disability. Not only that but her husband had added to her burdens by rejecting the boy as soon as he discovered about the condition. This put all the responsibility for Jotham’s care and upkeep on her alone.

We continued visiting Mama and Jotham, praying with them and encouraging Mama in her love and care of her son. We also connected her with CoRSU a remarkable non-profit hospital in Uganda who specialise in surgery, therapy and rehabilitation for people with disabilities, particularly children. Here, Mama Jotham received professional help for her son’s condition.

Today Mama Jotham is much happier and more confident and even the relationship with her husband, which was on the brink of collapse has greatly improved. The whole family is now more joyful and loving towards each other, and they have hope again for the future. It’s so good to see the gold of restoration and hope brought to light by simply loving and caring for someone amid the chaos of life.