This all begins when we build relationships with people and demonstrate God’s love in a practical and meaningful way.

Step 1: Frontline

Building relationships, meeting people’s immediate needs

Our Frontline teams take time to sit and listen to people – building relationships of trust, and as we listen, we find out about the issues people face. We then seek to support families – walking though situations with them such as sickness, hunger, death and domestic violence.
When we met Mary, her husband had just abandoned her and their seven children. Her house was on the brink of collapse, they didn’t have enough food to eat and her son Edward was suffering from malnutrition. Over the next months, we provided emergency food parcels, enabled Edward to receive the medical attention he needed and helped her rebuild her house…

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Step 2: Life Groups

Bringing holistic change, together.

We gather people together in Life Groups to create an empowering environment and to provide training on subjects such as farming, sanitation, nutrition or marriage. Having experienced God’s love through our Frontline teams, many people join one of our discipleship groups to find out more about God. We also run children’s clubs which are an opportunity for having fun, learning from the Bible, and talking about issues such as a health, relationships and child protection.
Goretti joined a Life Group and a Discipleship Group after she got to know our Frontline team. She was finding things hard at home, money always seemed to be short and tempers shorter. Now, through learning how to budget and hearing about Jesus’ love and forgiveness she has seen her life turned around.

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Step 3: Community Champions

Transformed people, transforming communities.

As people’s lives are transformed – relationally, physically and spiritually, we are filled with joy – and delighted when they bring about more change, firstly in their families, and then their wider community. We do everything we can to inspire, equip and support community champions – we know that they will go onto transform their communities more than we ever can.
Florence has been one of our Nutrition Champions in Kampala for the last four years. We first met her when she enrolled her grandson Jonah, who was suffering from malnutrition, in our nutrition programme. Being part of programme transformed their lives and filled Florence with an ongoing desire to support other families who face similar challenges.

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Strength for today, bright hope for tomorrow