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EMERGENCY APPEAL – UGANDA LOCKDOWN: Uganda has 44 million people but only 218 ICU beds. However, for many starvation is a bigger threat than Covid-19.
Will you stand with the vulnerable in their moment of need? Thanks to your generous support, we were able to distribute over 2000 ‘food-for-a-week’ parcels to hungry families left without income in the last lockdown. As Uganda has no free healthcare we supported desperate patients with medical fees. We also stepped in to help many vulnerable children and adults as lockdown brought an increase in abuse. We were able to do all this and more, saving many lives. As we respond to this renewed lockdown we humbly ask if you could stand with us once again. Could you give generously and stand with those in desperate need?

The majority of slum families live hand to mouth and with the latest lockdown many are no longer able to earn an income.  This poses an immediate risk of starvation as there is no government income support scheme. Last year we gave out over 2000 ‘food-for-a-week’ parcels with essential supplies to hungry families. Will you stand with those who rely on food aid to survive lockdown?

£50 could feed four families for a week.

Under lockdown rules all private and public transport is banned which leaves people with no option but to walk. We are hearing many stories of people walking over five miles to the nearest hospital to receive treatment, sometimes carrying the sick. However with limited ICU capacity the hospitals are already full with critically ill Covid-19 patients. Treatment is prohibitively expensive for most slum families even if they are able to get to a hospital where there is capacity. Will you stand with families as we provide emergency transport where possible and support with medical fees for those in great need?

£100 could support a family through a medical emergency.

Three in every ten children experienced violence during the last Ugandan lockdown. With children at home and desperate parents out of work we have seen cases of domestic violence and teenage pregnancy greatly increase. Will you stand with the vulnerable as our team of social workers respond to reports of abuse?

£25 could allow a social worker to intervene in a desperate situation.

A year on from the last lockdown our local teams are excellently placed to respond to this crisis, we know the drill. With 12 years of experience with the slum communities in Uganda and four years in Kenya we have established networks to distribute aid even when people can’t travel. Thank you to those of you who stood with us through last year’s lockdown. Once again we ask – Could you give generously and stand with those in desperate need?

You have rescued me because hunger had wanted to kill me. Thank you so much.” – Gerald*, Kampala, May 2020


from the slum communities of Kampala, uganda, to deprived housing ESTATES in the UK, Every Life is committed to seeing lives transformed.

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For mothers like Olivia, keeping her own family safe and healthy was just the beginning.

She’s now helping support other mothers in her community, working to ensure that no more children die from preventable causes and sharing the love of Jesus that she has seen so dramatically transform her own life. She is a powerful voice for change in her neighbourhood.





Katie is excited by all that she has learnt in training to be a Health Champion. Now she feels empowered, respected and has already begun to make a difference in her neighbourhood.





We first met Enid just over a year ago. She had been struggling for a long time with illness and depression and went out of her house as little as possible.

“I felt isolated, hopeless and alone, afraid to speak to others and constantly worried about what they might think of me.”

Now she has new confidence and is a key member of the Kasubi Life Group. She is now looking forward to starting her own business in the heart of the community.


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