New wine United

Don’t miss the opportunity to hear Nicola Neal, Every Life’s CEO, speaking this summer at United 2020.

Sunday 2nd August

Morning Bible Study
11.00 am in the Arena and Impact Venue

Latest Release

We are excited to announce the release of Gold, a new book by Nicola Neal, CEO of Every Life International. Full of testimonies from our work around the world and focused around the desire to ‘find the God-given potential in every life’, we wouldn’t want you to miss this. You can also get the ‘Gold’ devotional plan on the YouVersion Bible app…

“This is a powerful book for all those who want to grow more like Jesus. If we as the Church could see people as he sees them, and love them as he loves them, then the world would be changed!”
Paul Harcourt
National Leader, New Wine England

“What would it look like if we stripped everything away, yielded fully to Christ and chose the way of love? It might look like something you’ll find in this book and the remarkable story of “Every Life”. Be prepared to be moved and your heart broken.”
Carl Beech
Senior Leader Redeemer King
Global President CVM