Slum Communities

We love the communities in which we work in Kampala, Uganda. For us, it’s not about projects, it’s about people. Real, sometimes messy relationships, walking through the highs and the lows. We’d like to introduce you to these communities. Let us show you around the streets. Meet the amazing families, meet the change-makers – their hopes, their strengths and their challenges.

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The answer to poverty in the slums ultimately lies in a combination of attitude and action. We believe that the only enduring change of heart and mind comes through Jesus and His life-changing love. That’s why we work closely and intensively through Life Groups and Discipleship Groups in each community.
By working in partnership, we see families encouraged, united, able to support themselves, stay healthy, earn money, and hope and plan for the future. Not only that, the groups in turn become a source of strength and help for their neighbours and the wider community, reaching out to and supporting those in great need.

this really works!

We know that poverty has many faces, which is why our Life Groups and Discipleship Groups together aim to powerfully minister to the whole person.
It’s a strategic model, proven to release communities from poverty, beginning restoration from the foundations upwards. Investing in people and empowering them to be their own change-makers brings long-term transformation to families. It’s beautiful to see people walk in the potential that God has given them. We love it!



Frontline is the first point of contact in the communities. We take time to simply sit, talk with and listen to the people we meet. This creates and grows relationship, trust and openness. Through Frontline we seek to model the love of Jesus, listening to people, praying for them and encouraging them. Issues that arise are followed up and we support families, walking through situations with them such as sickness, death, domestic violence, depression and abuse.

Life Groups

These are gatherings of small community groups who are trained, equipped and empowered to see holistic change in their lives, families and their community. This is done through practical training, outreaches, and activities, giving people skills for life, highlighting their potential and showing that they have a future.


Discipleship Groups

Discipleship is the foundation of every area of our work. One of the ways that we seek to disciple others is through small community groups that focus on Bible study, prayer, theology and simply what it looks like to live lives reflecting the love of Jesus and demonstrating the power of the Holy Spirit . We also run additional activities such as worship gatherings that seek to glorify Jesus in the communities and bring healing and transformation.

Children's Discipleship

It’s vital to invest in children as well as mothers and fathers, so we run Children’s Discipleship alongside the Life Groups training sessions for the parents. This allows parents to attend the teachings knowing that their children are safe, cared for and learning at the same time. We play games, sing, read stories and tell the children about Jesus so that they too might know his love and joy in their lives. We regularly have around 100 children attending sessions every week.

The Family Centre

Located in a quiet rural area outside Kampala, the centre is comprised of a farm and a number of family homes to temporarily house and support struggling families from the communities who are in desperate need of intervention and care.  Families stay at the centre for a set amount of time and while there receive practical, emotional and spiritual support and training.


Whatever you give, it makes a difference in the communities where we work, whether it’s in Uganda, Kenya or the UK. We go out in love, working through discipleship to build kingdom communities. We believe that through identifying and releasing the God-given potential in people, whole neighbourhoods can thrive and be restored. Partner with Every Life and be part of the change.